Session Replay General FAQs

What happens if I go over my session replay limit?

Heap will stop capturing new replays if your trial ends or if you hit your account limit. You can still…

What do the face icons mean?
How long does it take for replays to appear?
Does session replay load at the same time as Heap?

Session replay requires additional JavaScript that is loaded immediately when Heap is initialized. This additional load time should not result…

Are you recording my user’s screens?
Do session replay tools track third-party data?

Session replay tools do not track users’ activities across the internet. They’re only meant for capturing and replaying sessions on…

Will session replay slow down my site?

For guidance that’s more general, see Will Heap slow down my site?

Do I need end user consent for session replay?

Your session replay tool is covered by your cookie disclosure and consent policy for analytics. If you have not done…

Can I change the sample rate on certain pages?

We offer custom sampling on a case-by-case basis for customers who only want to capture session replays for sessions that…

How is the sample rate defined and applied?
How do I delete or download a session replay?
How does session replay work if there is an iFrame on the page?

Session replay is supported for websites that use iframes. Please see the tables below to find your specific use case…

Does session replay support the wildcard character?