Getting Started FAQs

Will Heap slow down my site?

Heap’s script won’t slow down your website. Capturing all interactions without degrading performance is as simple as inserting a single line…

My developer set up an API but I’m not seeing any data ,what do I do?

To troubleshoot Heap API calls that don’t appear to be collecting data, take the following steps: As a best practice,…

How does Heap identify one user from another on mobile?
How do I stop Ad Blockers from preventing event autocapture?
Does Heap support Webhooks?
How do I get real-time data in Heap?
Heap.push is not a function Console Error
Heap support offerings

Heap offers the following support packages. Basic Standard Premium Hours of Operation 9AM – 5PM EST 9AM – 5PM PST…

How does Heap define a session?

Heap uses nearly the same session definition as other analytics solutions, such as GA4. You can use these tools as…

How does Heap define a pageview?
Can I customize the default session (web or mobile) duration length?

At this time, Heap does not have the functionality to customize the default session duration length in Heap.

Can I use Heap and Google Analytics at the same time?
Does Heap support multiple projects on the same account?
How does Heap get location data?

Heap gets location data by using the geoip2-city database and parsing the IP of the request for the country, region, or city.

Can I tie together user data across browsers and devices?
What browsers does Heap support?
I want to bring mobile data into Heap, but I’m not using a natively supported framework. How do I set this up?
Does Heap autocapture deep linking automatically?
How does Heap work with WebViews?

How do WebViews impact session behavior?

How do I identify users in Heap?

Users in Heap should be identified as soon as their identity is known. You can do so via our identity…

What’s the difference between the app ID and env ID in Heap?

Apps, projects, and environments are organizational concepts separating data and definitions in Heap. An application (your Heap account) has one…

How does Heap differ from other analytics tools?